Most of people will agree that waterfall always delivers unparalleled nature’s refreshment. From the  lush forest backdrop and cool water temperature that seems to provide soothe for the soul.

Some of the best waterfalls in Bali are hidden paradise. Many travellers have taken miles of journey only to witness the breathtaking atmosphere and unimaginable scenic environment. We might find one hidden paradise in Bali, in the northern of Bali to be exact. The hidden paradise itself is no other than Sekumpul waterfall.

Located in the Buleleng regency, Sekumpul waterfall is far from the residential properties – offering a center of peace and quietness with the rhythmic sound coming only from the waterfalls. To get to the location, you can ride a car or hop on a motorcycle ‘ojek’. It takes around 2 hours to be reach the hidden paradise. Thus, if you are unfamiliar with the place, it is suggested that you go with a local.

On your way to Sekumpul, you will notice many locals pass by and the scenic lush greeneries on the left and right sides. Fruits grow abundantly in this place – from rare Rambutans to the smelly Durians. Entrance ticket to Sekumpul costs IDR 10.000 per person.

Sekumpul literally means group. It got its named from the fact that there are seven waterfalls with different heights that beautifully flow down from the huge cliffs surrounded by lush green backdrop.

When you visit Sekumpul Waterfalls, you will need to go through hundreds of staircases and small river to cross. However, once you arrive, you’ll easily get amazed to discover the spectacular waterfalls that drop into a bowl of river – ready to be dipped into! It seems that the hardwork of reaching to the location pays off when you finally unveil the seven falls! Swimming under the waterfalls is an activity you need to try! Hear the sound of powerful falls pouring the river and feel refreshed once you take a dip in the cool water! – balicili