Another heaven on Earth for a short escape – the Gili Islands become the most favourite destination for international tourists when visiting Lombok. One of the most popular activity for island hopping is getting in Gili Trawangan. It takes 30 minutes of boat ride to finally enjoy the famous Gili Trawangan swing by the sea!

For some reasons, travelling to Gili Trawangan in Lombok becomes a to-do-list since the breathtaking panorama offers lovely scenery – it’s just too pretty to be ignored! The beautiful pristine beach and the pleasant climate are definitely to die for since it is warm yet refreshing. People come to Gili to have a total relaxation and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Gili’s underwater. No car is allowed here – thus you can expect a breeze of fresh air while riding horse.

The time seems to run slow in the remote island. And the iconic swing in Gili Trawangan quickly becomes a popular spot to enjoy the sunset view. It adds that bohemian character alongside music sound from reggae themed clubs that offer immense of scenes for retreats. Gili Trawangan is quieter than the other islands. It’s not yet cramped with tourists and most accommodations are still in line with the nature.

Try Hotel on Gili Trawangan that boasts exclusive services and facilities for an unforgettable stay! There are many other hotels and guest houses to accommodate you and your family. Restaurants by the beach offer Indonesian foods with a mix of international dishes from Indian, American and Irish. If you’re looking for authentic Indonesian delights, the smaller stalls will give you a true taste of the local foods. Diving school for kids and adults are also available in Gili Trawangan.

For a more adventurous experience, visit Gili island archipelago that includes Gili Meno and Gili Air!