Bali – an Island of Gods never fails to mesmerize visitors with its hospitality and authentic culture. Most travellers coming to Bali admit the beauty of the sunset view that seem to never lose its charm. In fact, almost all beaches in Bali offer that remarkable and breathtaking sunset views.

For the best romantic sunset, you go a little farther from Kuta to Uluwatu – an area filled with pristine beaches with the best spots to view the sunset. There are at least three beaches in Uluwatu that become the most popular tourism destinations with the best view of romantic sunset.

Pandawa Beach

Pandawa beach is suitable for those who like swimming since the wave is quite calm. The beach is hugged by limestone cliffs that add mystical vibe while you take a walk down to the beach.

Many travellers would wait by the beach or take a walk as the sun begins to set. Angelic vibe from the Mahabrata epic – the Pandawa Lima characters statues also give unforgettable experience because you won’t find it anywhere else but in Pandawa.

Suluban beach

Suluban beach is situated in the north of Uluwatu. This beach is the surfer’s paradise and a hidden paradise with lush green hills and blue sea color that seem to match perfectly with the sunny weather. This is the reason why Suluban beach can also be considered as one of the best beaches to enjoy romantic sunset view. You can even enjoy the sunset view while relaxing in one of the stalls by the beach.

Balangan beach

This beach is probably the most popular beach in Uluwatu with sunset gazing as one of the many attractions to do. Heavenly panorama with limestone cliffs as the backdrop is something not to be missed especially when it’s time to say goodbye to the daylight! Don’t forget to watch hypnotic Kecak Dance with the backdrop of Pura Uluwatu and the beautiful sunset from highlands –