Bali Island is always known with its beautiful scenery and the exotic culture presented altogether with the hospitality of Balinese people as shown in Instagram. The island of gods attracts travellers from around the world and quickly becomes a go-to place for a retreat. Uluwatu is another great travel destination besides Kuta or Tanah Lot. Located in the southern of Bali, it takes approximately 30-40 minutes from Kuta to reach Uluwatu.
Looking to witness romantic sunset in Uluwatu?

One of the most popular beach destinations in Uluwatu is Balangan Beach. Balangan Beach is a surfer’s paradise and a perfect wedding photo location. It is situated in the southern of Bali coast and becomes a part of Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu.

Balangan Beach was once a hidden paradise but quickly found its admirers that now it becomes one of the best places to visit in Uluwatu. It is somewhat different from other beaches in Bali since it offers the best spot to enjoy romantic sunset. Many couples shoot their wedding videos and capture their special moments in Balangan as it gives that romantic vibe along with the lovely sound of waves.

The limestone hills as the background and the tall palm trees simply add a tropical atmosphere to the turquoise ocean. Not to mention, the pristine white sandy beach that seems to welcome travellers with calming mood and pleasant heat. It eventually combines all the elements of nature at its finest.

Near the beach, a small temple called Pura Dalem Balangan provides another romantic scenery with its calming vibe. Looking for other amenities by the beach? Balangan beach also boasts cafes, surfer bars, bamboo beach shacks and plenty of accommodations for budget travellers. This beach is well-equipped with guesthouses for surfers. Hotels can be found a few miles away.  Thus, when trying to find the best places to visit in Uluwatu, make sure to count in the Balangan Beach!